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Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Les bottes. 2004. FULL-HD.

Les bottes. 2004. FULL-HD.
 FR. En mai 1968, Caroline, onze ans, quitte les événements parisiens pour la campagne. Sa Mère l'inscrit en arrivant à un stage d'équitation. Unique élève de Monsieur Peyrac, elle conçoit une folle passion pour le bel homme silencieux. Le problème est que sa mère aussi s'est entichée du beau professeur…
EN. This one is hard to find: a France 3 production that deals with the events of May 1968 as seen by a very impressionable twelve year old girl. Caroline and her mother and sister go to their house in the country to wait out the turmoil of the bogus revolution, while Dad keeps working in the city. Caroline falls for the dashing Philippe, her riding instructor (wonderful performance from Pascal Greggory, trimly bearded), and so does her mother; the latter two carry out a torrid affair.
Marie-France arrives on the scene, she is also struck by the macho Philippe and moves in with him. By now there are so many female aggressions going on, you wonder how they can all be resolved without wholesale killings.
Director: Renaud Bertrand.
Cast: Pascal Greggory, Anne Brochet, Daphné Baiwir, Albane de la Chapelle, Olivier Saladin, Marc Rioufol, Jean Rochefort, Riton Liebman, Constance Dollé, Christine Paolini.
France, 2004.
Language: French.
Language: English.
1920x1080 FULL-HD
Download Les bottes. 2004.
Les bottes. 2004. FULL-HD.
Les bottes. 2004. FULL-HD.


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