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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Stikk / Sting. 2007.

Stikk / Sting. 2007.
 13-year-old Alexander is the smallest kid in his eighth grade class. A tough girl cell-films him in the shower and shares the video with the class, earning him the nickname "Mini". Alexander is, naturally, humiliated, until the new kid in class helps him get his revenge.
Director: Vigdis Nielsen.
Castх: Kristoffer Bjerga, Glenn André Viste Bøe, Anders Dale, Svein Bringsjord Granstrøm, Glenn Andre Kaada, Anne Line Kenan.
Norway, 2007.
Language: Norwegian.
Subtitles: Russian.
Download Stikk / Sting. 2007.
Stikk / Sting. 2007.
 Stikk / Sting. 2007.

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