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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Там, где река чернеет / Where the river runs black. 1986.

Там, где река чернеет / Where the river runs black. 1986.
 Красивый приключенческий фильм о том, как где то в солнечной и влажной Бразилии, среди амазонских джунглей, в одной индейской деревушке миссионерствовал молодой священник, много было планов у него по христианизации аборигенов и просветительской деятельности пока не сгубила его собственная природа - влюбился как пацан в местную красавицу. Во время очередного интимного посещения своей тайной подруги его пожирает некое речное чудовище и остаётся молодая индейская красотка одна с их сыном на руках. Жили они себе спокойно в джунглях отшельниками, но цивилизация вторгается в эти края своим не лучшим боком - в этих краях находят золото и в результате пацан в возрасте четырёх лет становится сиротой, живёт 6 лет совершенно один в лесу. Затем его находят и отправляют в приют, где он постепенно входит в цивилизованное общество и вот однажды он встречает человека убившего его мать...
Where the River Runs Black is a 1986 film directed by Christopher Cain. The screenplay was written by Neal Jimenez and Peter Silverman, based on the novel Lazaro by David Kendall.
The film was entirely shot in Brazil, mostly in Belém and Rio Negro, Manaus.
Father O'Reilly, an older priest, tells the story of Father Mahoney, Eagle Woman, and their son Lazaro. It's magic realism in the Amazon. Mahoney is a radical priest who ventures upstream where the river runs black. He encounters the beautiful and enchanting Eagle Woman, who can change from a dolphin to a woman. A few years later, their child Lazaro witnesses inter-loping gold prospectors commit a brutal and traumatizing murder. He goes to the city in Father O'Reilly's care, and there he sees the murderer, who's a politician. Lazaro seeks revenge, which puts him in further danger. He runs back into the jungle, where the dolphins may be his best hope for help.
Director: Christopher Cain.
Cast: Charles Durning, Alessandro Rabelo, Ajay Naidu, Divana Brandão, Peter Horton, Castulo Guerra, Conchata Ferrell, Dana Delany, Chico Díaz, Marcelo Rabelo, Ariel Coelho, Paulo Sergio Oliveira, Mario Borges, François Thijm, Geraldo Salles.
USA, 1986.
Language: English, Russian.
Перевод: любительский одноголосый закадровый.
Download Там, где река чернеет / Where the river runs black.
Там, где река чернеет / Where the river runs black. 1986.
Там, где река чернеет / Where the river runs black. 1986.

Monday, January 15, 2018

寺山 修司 / Shūji Terayama. Video collection of avant-garde. 4 DVDs.

寺山 修司 / Shūji Terayama. Video collection of avant-garde. 4 DVDs.
 Сборник короткометражек культового японского авангардиста от кинематографа Тераяма Сюдзи, состоящий из 4 DVD дисков под общим названием "Томатный Кетчуп Императора" - по названию самого известного и сюрного его кинокреатива. Наконец то, через 40 лет после его создания, Кетчуп перевели на русский и одна из двух версий, 27-минутная с более качественной картинкой, имеет субтитры. О содержательной части Томатного Кетчупа существует интересная и познавательная диссертация, на английском, поэтому интересующимся творчеством этого мэтра японского авангарда рекомендую её изучить.
В этом издании представлены фильмы Тераямы Сюдзи 1962-1977 годов.
JP. 寺山修司実験映像ワールド コンプリートBOX [1,000セット限定生産] / 邦画
20世紀の映像詩人・寺山修司が手掛けたシュールでアヴァンギャルドな映像作品集の4枚組BOX。 現存する最初の映画『檻囚』、書物を映画に翻訳し直し、「読む映像」を試みた『マルロドールの歌』ほか、全15作品を収録。
EN. Shūji Terayama (寺山 修司 Terayama Shūji, December 10, 1935 – May 4, 1983) was an avant-garde Japanese poet, dramatist, writer, film director, and photographer. Many critics view him as one of the most productive and provocative creative artists to come out of Japan. He has been cited as an influence on various Japanese filmmakers from the 1970s onward.
THE EXPERIMENTAL IMAGE WORLD OF SHUJI TERAYAMA, DVD four-volume box set. Tokyo: Daguerreo Press, Inc./Image Forum Video, 2006, color/monochrome, English subtitles, bilingual menu, audio commentaries (Japanese only) by Nobuhiro Kawanaka, Tatsuo Suzuki, Sakumi Hagiwara and Henriku Morisaki, 346 min.
In this edition presents the films Terayama Shūji 1962-1977.
Shuji Terayama (1935-1983), one of Japan's most famous poets and playwrights, first wanted to become a photographer. While still a child he hung around the local photo parlor so often that his mother finally told him that so much picture-taking would make him dwindle away to nothing at all.
The magical properties of the photographic image, still or moving, stayed with him all of his life. In photographs and films as well as on the stage, he created his own kingdom, one based on his own childhood. In plays such as "La Marie Vision," feature films like "Cache-Cache Pastoral" and in the shorter films here collected, he created a place where mothers kill their young and children do indeed dwindle away to nothing at all.
Their world is set in the Taisho Era, one that Terayama was not old enough to remember but here reconstructs: flapper frocks, cloche hats, windup phonographs and the Victor dog, gakusei (student) uniforms, fundoshi (Japanese loin cloths), Japanese wedding kimono, loosened obi. All of this in a chaotic clutter and yet also arranged with a certain sense of style.
Terayama has elsewhere written that it is not the camera's ability to tell the truth that is interesting, but it is its ability to lie. He can make us truly believe in this claustrophobic, closed, dead world, where we are forced voyeurs. This four-DVD set of almost all of his shorter films (the very first, "Catology," has been lost for years) drags us into his disturbing kingdom -- a coherent and forceful expression of an imagination, dreamlike but startlingly real.
The earliest of these short films, "The Cage" (1964-69), introduces some of the recurring images: clocks, father-figures in black capes, body-builders. "Butterfly" (1974) reflects early memories -- shadows, people walking in front of the screen. (When a boy, Terayama used to sleep under the screen of a local movie theater and awake to gigantic images above him, and the shadows of viewers in front of the projector.)
In "Laura" (1974), movie memories turn self-referential. Two strippers on the screen start talking back to the audience: "Hey, you in the front row, stop it. Oh, we know what kind of people come to see experimental films!" The "Movie Guide for Young People" uses three screens and offers various transgressions -- including one actor who relieves himself on us (i.e. the camera lens).
"Labyrinth" (1975) takes us outside: two men trying to transport an entire doorway, complete with door. The door appears again in "Smallpox Story," which also features nails being driven into skulls. "Der Prozess," the last of the 1975 films, is an extended (34 min.) love scene that could probably not be shown in theaters even now.
"Father" is a portrait of his missing parent (killed in the Pacific War), and "The Eraser" (both 1977 films) includes a number of Terayama-like fetishes -- old photos erased or torn up, or stitched together. "Isumboshi" features the love-life of a dwarf, and "Shadow Film" is just that, shadows on the screen.
There are several more of these short films and there are two versions of the infamous "Emperor Tomato Ketchup" (1970). This film is about children in revolt. Like the kids in Jean Vigo's "Zero de Conduit," they take over and (in the words of Amos Vogel in "Film as a Subversive Art") "condemn their parents to death for depriving them of self-expression and sexual freedom." There is a lot of nudity and much simulated sex -- though killing a chicken on camera is perhaps the most distressful of the scenes.
The film has been often banned and the 75-minute original (here included) exists only as single 16-mm print. Terayama made a shortened version (27 min., here included) and there is an even shorter extract, the 12-min. "Jan-Ken-Po War" also included in this set.
Finally there is a compilation film, "Catalogue of Memory" (1977) by Michi Tanaka, a close associate of Terayama's, one in which Terayama himself appears.
The package is quite foreigner-friendly. The menu is bilingual, and English subtitles are provided whenever the text is on the sound track. When the text is a part of the image, however, as in "Les Chants de Maldoror," there is no translation. You can also buy these DVDs singly.
That the collection is sometimes upsetting is to be expected -- it was intended to be. Terayama is not only the sleeping child, he is also the sinister magician and through the magic of film he reigns over his embattled kingdom.
It is embattled because it is a vision of childhood with all the terror and cruelty retained, and because mother was right: If you take too many pictures you dwindle away. This dwindling process is called maturity. When you have entirely evaporated you are an adult.
Language: Japanese.

The Cage, 1962-69.
Tomato Kechappu Kōtei / Emperor Tomato Ketchup, 1971. (Subtitles: English, Russian).
The War Of Jan-Ken-Pon, 1971,
Butterfly, 1974.
Laura, 1974.

Movie Guide For Young People, 1974.
A Tale Of Labyrinth, 1975.
A Tale Of Smallpox, 1975.
Der prozess, 1975.

The Rubber, 1977.
Les Chants De Maldoror, 1977.
Essun Bosi Wo Kujutusuru Kokoromi, 1977.
Shadow Film: A Woman With Two Heads, 1977.
The Reading Machine, 1977.
Father, 1977.

Tomato Kechappu Kōtei / Emperor Tomato Ketchup, 1971, Long version, 72 min.
Catalogue Of Memory. (Director: Michi Tanaka. Appearance: Shūji Terayama).
Download 寺山 修司 / Shūji Terayama. Video collection of avant-garde:
Download Dissertation about Tomato Kechappu Kōtei / Emperor Tomato Ketchup (In English).
寺山 修司 / Shūji Terayama. Video collection of avant-garde. 4 DVDs.
寺山 修司 / Shūji Terayama. Video collection of avant-garde. 4 DVDs.
寺山 修司 / Shūji Terayama. Video collection of avant-garde. 4 DVDs.
寺山 修司 / Shūji Terayama. Video collection of avant-garde. 4 DVDs.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Прачник / Práče / Slingboy. 1960.

Прачник / Práče / Slingboy. 1960.
 Военная драма по мотивам книги Яна Мареша о маленьком чешском мальчике Франтишке Буреше, освобожденном советскими солдатами из концентрационного лагеря. После освобождения Франтишек попадает в действующую военную часть, где его пристраивают помогать в полевой прачечной. Но такая работа ему совсем не нравится, он постоянно стремится участвовать в военных действиях и наши солдаты решают научить пацана обращаться с оружием. И вот однажды ему удается раскрыть немецкую группу разведчиков, за что он был награжден медалью...
CZ. Film zachycující příhody malého českého chlapce Františka Bureše, osvobozeného Sovětskou armádou z nacistického koncentráku, který se dostane k armádnímu sboru bojujícímu o Dukelský průsmyk. Vojáci polní prádelny, k níž je František přidělen, si chlapce rázem zamilují. Avšak Práčeti - jak mu přezdívají podle nejmejších husitských bojovníků - se u prádelny nelíbí. Neustále se snaží dostat se do bojových akcí, aby také on mohl prokázat svou statečnost. Proto se vojáci rozhodnou, že ho naučí zacházet se zbraní a vyšlou ho jako spojku k dělostřelcům.
EN. A young Czech boy is freed from a concentration camp and ends up working for the army against the Germans.
Director: Karel Kachyňa.
Cast: Michal Koblic, Marie Magdolenová, Vladimír Hlavatý, Gustáv Valach, Vladimír Menšík, Oldřich Musil, Martin Ťapák, Stanislav Remunda, Miloslav Holub, Milan Holubář, Bohuš Záhorský, František Krahulík, Eva Jiroušková, Svatopluk Skládal, Jiří Těšík, Hana Houbová, Otakar Žebrák, Jindřich Narenta, Jan Pohan, Josef Vondráček, Václav Hladík, Antonín Černý, Ladislav Trojan, Irena Zintlová, Jaroslav Koutník, Arnošt Borovec, Miloš Mulač, František Suk.
Czechoslovakia, 1960.
Language: Czech.
Subtitles: Russian.
Download Прачник / Práče / Slingboy.
Прачник / Práče / Slingboy. 1960.
Прачник / Práče / Slingboy. 1960.

Al Hevel Dak / The Thin Line. 1980.

Al Hevel Dak / The Thin Line. 1980.
 Этот фильм "На тонкой нити" изучает хрупкую и местами странную связь между психически нездоровой матерью и её 11-летней дочерью.
The Thin Line (Hebrew: על חבל דק‎, translit. Al Hevel Dak) is a 1980 Israeli drama art film written and directed by Michal Bat-Adam. The film was selected as the Israeli entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 53rd Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.
Explores the relationship between an eleven-year-old girl and her ailing mother, who is losing a grasp of reality in the surrounding environment of insensitivity and cruelty.
Director: Michal Bat-Adam.
Cast: Gila Almagor, Alexander Peleg, Liat Pansky, Aya Veirov, Avner Hizkiyahu, Svetlana Mazovetskaya, S. Grinshpan, Kina L. Hanegbi, Irit Mohr-Alter, Miri Fabian, Shmuel Shaked, Yehudit Koren.
Israel, 1980.
Language: Hebrew.
Download Al Hevel Dak / The Thin Line.
Al Hevel Dak / The Thin Line. 1980.
Al Hevel Dak / The Thin Line. 1980.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Mon dernier été / My last summer. 2016.

Mon dernier été / My last summer. 2016.
 Свежая французская короткометражка "Моё последнее лето" про разбившуюся о скалы жизни первую любовь. В Монреале страшная жара, Том познакомился с Эдит, им всего по 11. Первые чувства, первый поцелуй но Том узнаёт страшную тайну об Эдит и это буквально убивает его...
FR. Tom et Édith ont onze ans. Alors que la canicule s’abat sur Montréal, Tom fait la connaissance d’Édith et tombe amoureux d’elle. Mais il découvre bientôt qu’elle porte un terrible secret. Pris dans un dilemme, Tom finira par perdre son innocence à l’aube de ce premier amour qui devient pour lui le symbole de son dernier été.
EN. As the heat wave struck Montreal, Tom, 11 years old, met Édith, also 11. He soon discovers that Édith carries a terrible secret. Tom eventually loses his innocence at the dawn of this first love, which becomes the symbol of his last summer.
Director: Paul-Claude Demers.
Cast: Antoine Marchand Gagnon, Christine Beaulieu, Émilie Brière, Frédéric Bouffard.
Language: French.
Subtitles: German.
France, 2016.
1920x1080 HD
Download Mon dernier été / My last summer.
Mon dernier été / My last summer. 2016.
Mon dernier été / My last summer. 2016.

Мальчик гейша / The Geisha Boy. 1958.

Мальчик гейша / The Geisha Boy. 1958.
 Старая американская комедия с грустным подтекстом, содержание из сети: «Великий Вули» (Джерри Льюис) - неудачливый американский фокусник, желая поправить свое финансовое положение, отправляется на гастроли, организованные для военнослужащих в Японии. По прибытии он становится виновником нескольких досадных происшествий, порвал платье актрисе Лоле Ливингстон, сбил ее на лестнице и закатал в ковровую дорожку. Сирота Мицуо Ватанабе (Роберт Хирано), при виде этого зрелища засмеялся впервые после смерти своих родителей. Вместе с тетей Кими Сикита Мицуо приходит к Вули, чтобы поблагодарить и одновременно просит его стать почетным отцом. Все они становятся близкими друзьями. В дальнейшем Вули снова переживает неприятные приключения и едва не лишается права на выступления. Гастролировать приходится в Корее. Тем временем Вули начинает тяготиться дружбой с мальчиком и тайно возвращается в Штаты. Но приехал он туда не один. Вули приходится делать выбор…
Хоть и легкомысленная комедия, этот фильм дает представление об отношении американцев к некоторым важным вопросам того времени: отношения США с бывшим врагом, способность страны стать мировым лидером и к внутренним запутанным социальным взаимоотношениям, а также показывает как они сумели решить их.

The Geisha Boy is a 1958 American comedy film starring Jerry Lewis, distributed by Paramount Pictures. Filmed from June 16 to August 7, 1958, it had its first screening in New York City on December 19, 1958. This film marked the film debut of Suzanne Pleshette.
Gilbert "The Great" Wooley (Jerry Lewis) is a down-on-his-luck magician who has been invited to entertain GIs in Japan. However, even before his flight from Los Angeles has taken off the ground, he unwittingly -- and with some participation of his pet, friend and co-star in the act, Harry the rabbit -- incurs the wrath of the show's headliner, actress Lola Livingston (Marie McDonald), with a series of unfortunate accidents. Upon their arrival, as he tries to apologize to Lola, he causes her more embarrassment by tearing up her dress, knocking her down the gangway, and rolling her up in the red carpet to cover up her lack of proper attire.
An orphan, Mitsuo Watanabe (Robert Hirano), who attends the reception in the company of his aunt Kimi Sikita (Nobu McCarthy), an interpreter for the United Service Organizations, or USO, witnesses the spectacle and laughs for the first time since his parents died. When Kimi brings the boy to Gilbert to thank him, he and the boy become close. This, however, irritates the aunt's boyfriend Ichiyama (Ryuzo Demura), a Japanese baseball player; and his subsequent chase of Wooley, which culminates with Ichiyama's fall into a bathhouse pool that floods the street outside, almost motivates the furious USO commander Major Ridgley (Barton MacLane) to revoke Wooley's entertainment-service status. Wooley's USO liaison Sergeant Pearson (Suzanne Pleshette), who has fallen for him, is able to reverse that decision - though it is under the condition that Wooley perform for the American troops at the Korean frontlines. However, she becomes jealous of Gilbert's growing relationship with Kimi.
In time, Gilbert, Mitsuo, and Mitsuo's family become inseparable, but Wooley's failure as a troop entertainer makes Ridgley remand him back to the United States. Not wanting to disappoint Mitsuo by letting him find out that he has been a total flop, Gilbert tries to sneak away when it is time for him to return. Mitsuo follows him, and Gilbert is forced to pretend that he no longer cares for the boy, which makes him cry. However, Mitsuo still follows him to America by stowing away on the plane. Once in America, they are reunited, but Gilbert is accused of kidnapping Mitsuo, who is then returned to Japan. Wooley follows in the same way that Mitsuo did, but is "smarter" by hiding in a specially marked trunk. However, when the airliner lands, he cannot get out of the trunk, and tha Sikitas have to rescue him from it. Wooley decides to stay and become a successful performer of magic in Japan.
The film ends with Harry the rabbit giving birth to a litter in mid-performance, as Gilbert hollers in shock and disbelief, "Hey, you're not a Harry; you're a Harriet!".
Director: Фрэнк Тэшлин / Frank Tashlin.
Cast: Jerry Lewis, Marie McDonald, Sessue Hayakawa, Barton MacLane, Suzanne Pleshette, Nobu McCarthy, Robert Hirano, Ryuzo Demura, The Los Angeles Dodgers, Carl Erskine, Tsunagorô Rashômon.
USA, 1958.
Language: English, Russian, Japanese.
Перевод: профессиональный многоголосый закадровый.
Download Мальчик гейша / The Geisha Boy.
Мальчик гейша / The Geisha Boy. 1958.
Мальчик гейша / The Geisha Boy. 1958.

До первой крови / Do pervoy krovi / Until First Blood. 1989.

До первой крови / Do pervoy krovi / Until First Blood. 1989.
Классический советский фильм для подрастающего поколения про пионерское лето с идеологической подкладкой, призванной воспитать настоящих строителей коммунизма, краткое содержание: в пионерском лагере "Зарница" - "синие" против "зелёных". Военная игра, в которой очень быстро стирается грань между игрой и настоящей войной. Главный герой фильма попадает в сложную, отнюдь не игровую, ситуацию, но проявляет храбрость и твердость характера и выходит из неё с честью.
 The сult Soviet film tells the story of Zarnitsa - a mandatory experience for every Soviet pioneer. An entire summer camp is divided into warring parties of "blues" and "greens." If the paper epaulets symbolizing your team's color are ripped off, you are "killed."
Director: Владимир Фокин / Vladimir Fokin.
Cast: Андрей Некрасов, Павел Кулаков, Виктор Матин, Константин Ефремов, Борис Деревягин, Андрей Кашуба, Андрей Петров, Эдгар Сентельяс, Андрей Юренев, Алла Плоткина, Николай Крушевский, Наталья Громушкина, Ольга Жилкина, Николай Погодин.
СССР, Киностудия им. М. Горького, 1989.
Language: Russian.
До первой крови / Do pervoy krovi / Until First Blood. 1989.
До первой крови / Do pervoy krovi / Until First Blood. 1989.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Белая свадьба / Noce Blanche / White Wedding. 1989.

Белая свадьба / Noce Blanche / White Wedding. 1989.
У Матильды переходный возраст, она, то, что принято называть "трудный подросток" и главная задача её преподавателя по философии - вернуть её в рамки цивилизованного общества. Однако не так это просто и неожиданно вспыхнувшая между ними страсть становится непреодолимой преградой. Франсуа пытается уйти в обычную семейную жизнь, но Матильда не позволяет ему это сделать...
FR. Mathilde Tessier, une adolescente, tombe amoureuse de son professeur de philosophie, celui-ci possédant femme et maison charmante. Dans un premier temps, il répond à l'amour de son élève, mais cette passion, troublant l'harmonie de sa vie, va vite le déranger. 
EN. A teacher of philosophy discovers a complicated pupil, a seventeen years old girl with a quite cynic and lucid view of the world. He gets involved in helping her to follow the routine of the study, but soon he is fascinated by her and they fall in a passionate love. When the teacher confronts their affair with reality he decides staying with her wife. But the girl will not accept it.
Director: Жан-Клод Бриссо / Jean-Claude Brisseau.

Cast: Vanessa Paradis, Bruno Cremer, Ludmila Mikaël, François Négret, Jean Dasté, Véronique Silver, Philippe Tuin, Pierre Gabaston, Arnaud Goujon, Agnès Lemercier, Benoît Muracciole.
France, 1989.
 Language: French, Russian.
Subtitles: English, Russian.
Перевод: профессиональный двухголосый.
Download Белая свадьба / Noce Blanche / White Wedding.
Белая свадьба / Noce Blanche / White Wedding. 1989.
Белая свадьба / Noce Blanche / White Wedding. 1989.

Девочка-модель / Girl Model. 2011.

Девочка-модель / Girl Model. 2011.
 Относительно свежий документальный фильм о модельном бизнесе, о том как ищут юных моделей на просторах Сибири, на местных региональных конкурсах красоты, о механизме "поставок" девушек в Японию и США. В качестве примера взята наша начинающая модель, 13-летняя Надя, живущая в обычной сибирской семье с финансовыми проблемами и резко негативным отношениям ко всей этой модельной суете. Однако стараниями Эшли она получает свой шанс: сначала поездка в Японию, затем Штаты - что ждёт Надю на этом непростом и извилистом пути модели..?
A documentary on the modeling industry's 'supply chain' between Siberia, Japan, and the U.S., told through the experiences of the scouts, agencies, and a 13-year-old model.
GIRL MODEL follows two protagonists involved in this industry: Ashley, a deeply ambivalent model scout who scours the Siberian countryside looking for fresh faces to send to the Japanese market, and one of her discoveries, Nadya, a thirteen year-old plucked from the Siberian countryside and dropped into the center of Tokyo with promises of a profitable career. After Ashley’s initial discovery of Nadya, the two rarely meet again, but their stories are inextricably bound. As Nadya’s optimism about rescuing her family from their financial difficulties grows, her dreams contrast against Ashley’s more jaded outlook about the industry’s corrosive influence.
Directors: David Redmon / Дэвид Редмон, Ashley Sabin / Эшли Сабин.

Cast: Ashley Arbaugh, Rachel Blais, Nadya Vall, Tigran Khachatrian.
USA, Russia, Japan, France, 2011.

Language: English, Russian.
Subtitles: English, Russian.
Download Девочка-модель / Girl Model.
Девочка-модель / Girl Model. 2011.
Девочка-модель / Girl Model. 2011.

Снимайте только меня / Put the camera on me. 2003.

Снимайте только меня / Put the camera on me. 2003.
Этот документальный фильм представляет собой снятый четырьмя мальчишками в детстве, в начале 1980-х годов, на домашнюю камеру кинорассказ об их детстве, а теперь показываемый и комментируемый ими самими, их родителями и друзьями. Тогда им было лет по 10-13, и они наслаждались жизнью вовсю - играли, смеялись, бегали по пояс голые, и конечно задавались вопросами о своей сексуальности. В общем, для всех, кому интересны мальчишки, их мысли, желания, кто хочет вспомнить себя таким, каким он был в том возрасте...
1. Before he went on to direct Jawbreaker Sparkler Darren Stein grew up making videos. Along with his friend 'Adam Shell' and the other neighborhood kids these young film makers touched on such adult subjects as jealousy, cruelty, and sexuality.
2. The fact that I did not have Internet tonight was more of a blessing than a curse as I get to dig some of the movies that were laying around my external hard drive . Picked an excellent one – it is called “Put the camera on me” and it is a documentary. A documentary – au that must be boring – but no – because that was not an ordinary documentary, but rather fun and very arty made mixture of short movies shoot by Darren Stain.
When he was little boy his dad brought home a camera and Darren being very artistic and imaginative soon learned how to use it and was obsessed with the idea of making movies – regular one and crazy one starring himself and his friends . About 20 years later Daren combined these movies and together with his original stars – created the movie I just watched.
The best part of this movie was that while watching it I unconsciously started to remember similar situations that have happen to me few years ago– you know playing out with yours friends, having a hell a lot of fun, making cool tricks …etc– so the movie of Daren through not complicated or charged with great ideas or thoughts was quite an experience.
It gave me some ideas – like writing down my memories – making a script and getting few friends to play in it – oh I know that that is not probably going to happen – but the idea is cool anyway – imagining how it will be – I guess I will be able to do the first part and if I do you will be able to see few things at my blog.
But back to the movie – if you can get a hold on it see it – you won`t regret it. I remember talking with a friend about it. He said that the movie was shoot in such a way that it captured the time of 80`s and watching it is warming and cool experience – like flipping the pages of your own yearbook.
Directors: Адам Шелл / Adam Shell, Даррен Стейн / Darren Stein.
Cast: Адам Шелл / Adam Shell, Эллен Шелл / Ellen Shell, Даррен Стейн / Darren Stein, Ивэн Стейн / Evan Stein, Илэйн Стейн / Elaine Stein, Рон Стейн / Ron Stein, Майкл Уэйнер / Michael Weiner, Лиза Уэйнер / Lisa Weiner, Роберт Уэйнер / Robert Weiner, Роз Уэйнер / Roz Weiner, Marc Entous, Justin Satinover, Barbara Satinover, Аллен Уильямс / Allen Williams, Хиллари Делл / Hillary Dell.
USA, 2003.
Language: English, Russian.
Снимайте только меня / Put the camera on me. 2003.
Снимайте только меня / Put the camera on me. 2003.

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Безумный год моей семьи / My Family's Crazy Gap Year. 2010.

Безумный год моей семьи / My Family's Crazy Gap Year. 2010.
 Документальный шестисерийный фильм о том, как сбываются мечты: 6 простых английских семей отправляются в путешествие по миру, каждая по своему персональному маршруту: Австралия, Африка, Южная Америка, Индонезия и так далее. У каждого семейства свой способ передвижения: яхта, автомобиль, самолёт, и свой бюджет. Эти путешествия призваны показать как сильно отличается жизнь в разных уголках нашей планеты, как многообразен мир на планете Земля. Камеры 24 часа в сутки на протяжении всего пути фиксировали всё происходящее и именно из этого материала были смонтированы 6 серий данного фильма. Более подробно о содержании и участниках каждой серии расписано ниже на английском, кому интересно переводите сами)). Качество видео не слишком хорошее, позже будет, возможно, получше.
Ordinary British families up sticks and travel the globe in search of life-changing experiences.
Six ordinary British families achieve what many of us dream of, uprooting to travel the globe in search of life-changing experiences.
This observational series captures their travels on camera as they swap the day-to-day grind and conventional routines for treks and adventures in exotic and remote corners of the world.
Their itineraries are as varied as their budgets, but each parent is equally determined to show their children a way of life far removed from their own, without the usual comforts and luxuries.
But what happens when a road trip along the length of Africa results in a car crash involving young children, miles away from medical aid and family support? Or when a daring sea expedition in search of a Pacific island paradise ends in life-threatening food poisoning?
Despite the adventures awaiting them, will the intensity of life together 24 hours a day, often in remote destinations and confined spaces, really help these families come together and change?
Episode-1. Cocooned by wealth and private schooling, John Willmott, 55, and his three children - Cyrus (12), Emile (nine) and Eliane (six) - have lived a charmed existence. But now mum Rafia, 33, wants to burst their privileged bubble, hoping the whole family will learn some valuable lessons.
In the Himalayas, the Mongolian steppes and deep in the Papuan rainforest, she seeks out places and people untouched by the modern world. Theirs is an epic journey that includes encounters with the Dalai Lama and one of the world's remotest tribes, but will it make a lasting impact on their lives?
Episode-2. All his life, yachting fanatic Jason Lawrence has dreamed of sailing around the world. Now he's decided it's time to fulfil his ambition, and he's taking his wife and two young children.
This episode follows the Lawrences on their formidable maritime quest as they set out to cross the world's largest oceans on a mammoth journey from England to Australia. Battling through heavy seas it's not just their boat that's nearly pushed to breaking point.
Isolated for months at a stretch with his wife and children, Jason Lawrence is forced to confront what it really means to be a father.
Episode-3. Rosanna and Ajay Pindoria pack their three young kids into the back of a 4x4 and head off to spend a year driving the length of Africa.
The family take the back roads of Africa, all the way from Cape Town to Cairo, dreaming of an epic journey through some of the most dangerous and inhospitable places on earth.
But an adult's dream can be a child's nightmare, and the expedition proves to be both overambitious and underprepared, as a holiday of a lifetime nearly ends up costing them their lives.
Episode-4. Nikki McClements takes her nine-year-old daughter Beth around the world. Little does she know how dramatically the trip will affect the course of her life.
Single mum Nikki McClements is on a mission to show her nine-year-old daughter Beth how the world's poor live. Nikki had to hold down three jobs in order to save the ?10,000 needed to fund the trip. Nikki has also left behind her boyfriend, who she's promised to marry on her return. In the meantime however their epic journey takes them from their home in Devon to volunteer in poor communities across three continents.
But how will a nine-year-old used to all the comforts of British life cope working in a South African orphanage? Or with subsistence living in a remote Thai village?
Episode-5. When John Tregembo hit 50 he began to change everything in his life. He gave up his job to become an artist, then he sold the family house and, now, he's taking his wife and two teenage kids on a search to the other side of the world to find a new home.
But the family have only been abroad once before, and they struggle to adapt to life off the tourist trail in Japan and Cambodia. John sets his hopes on Australia. But their road trip across the Outback ends up threatening his whole family's future.
Episode-6. Gary Fisher always thought there must be more to life than a car in the garage and a mortgage round his neck, and now he plans to find out.
Gary wants to see if it's possible for a welder from Warrington to take on the middle class dream and buy an ocean-going yacht and sail his wife and twin toddlers to America.
But the only way he can afford his dream is to do all the restoration work on the boat himself. Over two gruelling years he spends every penny, and every spare minute of his time attempting to get the boat on the water. But as the yacht nears completion his marriage falls apart.
This film charts the emotional journey of a man whose desire to build a better life for his family risks losing them entirely.
Director: James Nutt.
UK, 2010.
Language: English.
Download Безумный год моей семьи / My Family's Crazy Gap Year.
Безумный год моей семьи / My Family's Crazy Gap Year. 2010.
Безумный год моей семьи / My Family's Crazy Gap Year. 2010.
Безумный год моей семьи / My Family's Crazy Gap Year. 2010.
Безумный год моей семьи / My Family's Crazy Gap Year. 2010.

Барби / 바비 / Ba-bi / Barbie. 2011.

Барби / 바비  / Ba-bi / Barbie. 2011.
 Бедная корейская семья - умственно-отсталый папаша, две дочки и присматривающий за всеми дядя "самых честных правил", который договорился с американцем, отцом-одиночкой, об удочерении младшей, Сун-Ён, за немалые деньги. Однако старшая, Сун-Джа, хронически больная, очень хочет в Америку и ситуация складывается в её пользу - удочеряют именно её. Но главный вопрос - зачем американец, без жены и уже имеющий двух дочерей, так сильно хочет взять себе третью приёмную дочь из Кореи?
Soon-Young (Kim Sae-Ron) is a young girl who is the head of her family. She lives with her mentally handicapped father (Jo Yong-Suk), unscrupulous uncle (Lee Chun-Hee) and younger sister Soon-Ja (Kim Ah-Ron) who is always ill. Younger sister Soon-Ja plays with her Barbie doll everyday and dreams of one day living in the United States. Meanwhile, Mang-Taek comes into contact with an American man interested in adopting a healthy Korean girl. Mang-Taek arranges a deal for the American man to adopt Soon-Young. When her younger sister Soon-Ja hears of the adoption, she becomes jealous and asks to take the place of her older sister. When the American man and his young daughter arrive to take Soon-Young, the uncle, Soong-Young and Soon-Ja must decide who is to go. The American father has an ulterior motive for the adoption.
Filming took place from May 21 to June 6, 2011 in Pohang, South Korea.
Movie will screen at the 2011 Busan International Film Festival and has been submitted to the 2011 Venice Film Festival. 
Director: Sang-woo Lee.
Cast: Kim Ah-Ron, Sae-ron Kim, Cheon-hee Lee, Cat Tebo, Earl Jackson.
South Korea, 2011.
Language: Russian (Korean).
Subtitles: Korean.
Перевод: одноголосый закадровый.
Барби / 바비  / Ba-bi / Barbie. 2011.
Барби / 바비  / Ba-bi / Barbie. 2011.

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Анита / Анита: Шведская нимфетка / Anita / Anita: Swedish Nymphet. 1973. DVD.

Анита / Анита: Шведская нимфетка / Anita / Anita: Swedish Nymphet. 1973. DVD.
 Красавица Кристина Линдберг в классике шведского эротического кино про 16-летнюю девушку Аниту, нимфоманку в поисках любви. Из-за своих психологических проблем, вызванных этим недугом, она очень неуравновешенна и не уверена в себе. Анита ведёт распутный образ жизни, её сексуальные связи беспорядочны и многочисленны, но появляется студент Эрик, который пытается помочь ей справиться с собой через познание "настоящего оргазма".
Anita: Swedish Nymphet is a 1973 erotic drama film directed by Torgny Wickman, starring Christina Lindberg and Stellan Skarsgård.
Anita is a girl of only 16 years, and while she has developed early physically, to a mature woman, she is psychologically completly ruthless. Her relationship the her parents and her friends is very poor and she is regarded with contempt by the people around her, even by the men who so ruthlessly use her. During her troubles she meets Erik, a young psychology student. Gently and carefully he begins to dispell her psychological blocks. In the course of this treatment she reveals to him some of the shocking espisodes of her previous experience and how an inner compulsion forces her into humiliating debauchery in dangerous environments. Erik believes he has the solution to Anita's problems: to let her move into an artist's communal experiment, of which he is already a member. The common interest of this collective is largely the performing of classical music. Anita's prosence in the collective, however, is regarded by some of the other girls as highly provocative. Anita's nymphomania is her means of protest against her parents, school, society and her own enviroment (her whole life situation). Erik holds a scientific theory that Anita will be free of her sexual fixation if she were once able to experience a true orgasm. He therefore tries to get her to see clearly, and with some insight, the breadth of her psychological situation. Against the background of the intensive battle that Anita carries om with the self-destructive drives within her, grows the depth of feeling that bind her and Erik together. She is no longer simply a "case" for him. Anita discovers that Erik is the one man whom she both wants to, and can, remain together with...
Director: Torgny Wickman.
Cast: Christina Lindberg, Stellan Skarsgård, Danièle Vlaminck, Michel David, Erika Wickman, Ewert Granholm, Arne Ragneborn, Per Mattsson, Jörgen Barwe, Jan-Olof Rydqvist, Thore Segelström, Berit Agedal.
Sweden, France, 1973.
Language: Swedish, Russian.
Bonuses: gallery, biography, interviews, movie reviews and much more.
Download DVD Анита / Анита: Шведская нимфетка / Anita / Anita: Swedish Nymphet.
Анита / Анита: Шведская нимфетка / Anita / Anita: Swedish Nymphet. 1973. DVD.
Анита / Анита: Шведская нимфетка / Anita / Anita: Swedish Nymphet. 1973. DVD.
Анита / Анита: Шведская нимфетка / Anita / Anita: Swedish Nymphet. 1973. DVD.
Анита / Анита: Шведская нимфетка / Anita / Anita: Swedish Nymphet. 1973. DVD.

Силип / Дочери Евы / Silip / Daughters of Eve. 1985. DVD.

Силип / Дочери Евы / Silip / Daughters of Eve. 1985. DVD.
 Комсомолка, спортсменка и просто красавица Мария Изабель Лопез, бывшая "Мисс Филиппины" в главной роли в жёстком и жестоком фильме Элвуда Переса, который он снимал в первую очередь для того, что бы представить филиппинский кинематограф на Каннском кинофестивале. Бедная заштатная деревушка на берегу океана, здесь до сих пор почти первобытный образ жизни и нравы соответствующие. Бабка главной героини ещё в начале фильма точно обозначила местный уклад: люди целыми днями тяжело работают и единственная отдушина в этой жизни для них - безудержный секс. В деревню приезжает из города сестра местной училки (главной героини) и начинается бардак, все домогаются местного красавца разными способами и такое впечатление, что кроме секса здесь никого и ничто не интересует вне зависимости от возраста. В итоге финал кошмарен: двух сестёр дружно насилуют всей деревней и сжигают прямо в доме живьём...
Всвязи с обилием шокирующих сцен насилия, жестокости и секса просмотр не рекомендован малолетним, слабонервным и просто глупым.
Silip (lit. To witness) is a 1985 Philippine horror sexploitation film written by Ricardo Lee and directed by Elwood Perez. The film was released outside of the Philippines as Daughters of Eve.
In the remote countryside of Ilocos, various women are sexually abused by local men. Two sisters, Tonya (Maria Isabel Lopez), a sexually repressed young woman, and Selda (Sarsi Emmanuelle), a promiscuous woman, meet Simon (Mark Joseph), the most attractive man in the village. Tonya teaches catechism to the children of the village. Selda comes home from the city with her American lover, whom she throws out shortly afterward. She's the exact opposite of Tonya, as her views on sex are more liberal and less guilt-filled. Tonya is secretly sexually attracted to Simon, but she refuses his sexual advances.
In the remote countryside of Ilongo, various women are sexually abused by local men. Two sisters, meet Simon, the most attractive man in the village.
This movie was produced during the era of the Experimental Cinema of the Philippine when some starlets in local show business were exploited to create sex-oriented movies. Marcos was still in power, and maybe this passed his approval to divert Filipinos from the worsening political and economic problems. Most of these experimental cinema allowed "pene" so don't be surprised if the there were actual "penetration" in this movie.
Director: Elwood Perez.
Cast: Sarsi Emmanuelle, Maria Isabel Lopez, Myra Manibog, Mark Joseph, Daren Craig Johnson, Pia Zabale, Michael Locsin, Arwin Rogelio, Jenneelyn Gatbalite, Gloria Andrade, Jimmy Reyes, Arthur Cassanova, Chabeng Contreras, Cheriebee Santos, Lea Zabale.
Philippines, 1985.
Language: Tagalog, English, Russian.
Subtitles: English.
Перевод: авторский одноголосый закадровый.
Download Силип / Дочери Евы / Silip / Daughters of Eve.
Силип / Дочери Евы / Silip / Daughters of Eve. 1985. DVD.
Силип / Дочери Евы / Silip / Daughters of Eve. 1985. DVD.
Силип / Дочери Евы / Silip / Daughters of Eve. 1985. DVD.
Силип / Дочери Евы / Silip / Daughters of Eve. 1985. DVD.