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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

The Bathers. 2003.

The Bathers. 2003.
Set in the late 19th or early 20th century, the film opens with three upper class women and a little girl picnicing on a deserted beach. The little girl begins playing around and eventually strips to her underwear. The women tollerate this as she is only young, but eventually she pushes the boundaries by removing her underwear and swimming naked in the water. The women watch her for quite sometime, as the weather gets hotter the women secretly envy the girl. The eldest of the three women, eventually giving into temptation, strips naked and goes swimming with the little girl. The two younger women continue to watch, the younger of the two begins stripping but the older one stops her. Eventually the younger woman runs away and strips off her clothes and goes swimming with the other two. The third, and obviously most conservative of the three, watches for a while before giving into temptation. She strips naked and swims with the two other women and the little girl. The film ends with the four of them frolicking naked in the water.
Director: Elissa Down.
Cast: Ellen Cressey, Latonya Csont, Bobbie Salmon, Georgia Salmon, Rhonda Ellen Cressey.
Australia, 2003.
Language: English.
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The Bathers. 2003.
The Bathers. 2003.

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