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Friday, February 8, 2019

La petite allumeuse. 1987. DVD.

La petite allumeuse. 1987. DVD.
 FR. La Petite Allumeuse est un film franco-suisse réalisé par Danièle Dubroux et sorti en 1987.
Camille, 14 ans, a séduit Jean-Louis, 37 ans, enseignant et directeur du camp où elle passe ses vacances. Jean-Louis s'enflamme pour cette adolescente instable, dont la vie familiale a été profondément perturbée par le départ de son père. Cette liaison va entrainer Jean-Louis dans une aventure un peu folle, surtout lorsqu'un de ses anciens élèves, Samuel, va à son tour faire la conquete de Camille, l'emmener dans des endroits peu recommandables et déclencher ainsi l'intervention de son père. D'age semblable, les deux hommes se retrouvent face à face.
EN. La petite Allumeuse roughly translates to "the little smart thing". The title refers to the main character of the film, 14 year old Camille. The film is a surprisingly good mix of comedy and drama with a little bit of social realism thrown in.
Camille is at the same time a vulnerable young teenager and a strong-willed seductress, who makes her camp counsellor Jean-Louis fall for her. Jean-Louis, who by the way also is a friend and a colleague of her teacher-father, experiences his second youth when starting dating Camille after their return to the city. Good acting by both Roland Giraud as Jean-Louis and Alice Papiersky as Camille helps make this part of the film rather sweet. Theirs is a dangerous, but romantic love. They don't go "all the way". This is actually more of a family film with "real people" in it than well the kind of film you might think it was. The film can be seen by (older) teens as well as adults.
It is a growing-up film as well with Camille not only spending time dating Jean-Louis but also having the time to live a normal teenage life and having not only the normal conflicts, a teenager has with her parents, but also the conflicts coming from living with her divorcee-mother, who isn't very mentally stabile.
Director: Danièle Dubroux.
Cast: Roland Giraud, Pierre Arditi, Alice Papierski, Tanya Lopert, David Léotard, Brigitte Roüan, Aurelia Legay, Philippe Beglia, Laurence Bru, Véronique Descamps.
France, Switzerland, 1987.
Language: French.
Format: DVD (ISO), 1024x576
Download DVD La petite allumeuse. 1987.
La petite allumeuse. 1987. DVD.
La petite allumeuse. 1987. DVD.

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