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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Prolifilm. 1979. HD.

Prolifilm. 1979. HD.
Middle-aged man takes his mother to Lake Balaton, where she always wanted to go but never made it. As he had a bad night asks mom to speak to him, not let him fall asleep while driving. They bring back memories from his childhood when they all lived in a bombed house, the widowed young mom and her three rascal sons, in the new communist era of the after war Budapest.
Director: László Nemere.
Cast: Emil Györy, Lili Monori, Péter Beke, László Kobolák, Szilárd Schir, Péter Benkö, Ferenc Bencze, Mária Garamszegi, György Györffy, Margit Ladomerszky.
Hungary, Magyar Televízió, 1979.
Language: Hungarian.
960x720 HD
Download Prolifilm. 1979.
Prolifilm. 1979. HD.
Prolifilm. 1979. HD.


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