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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Baby. 2000.

Baby. 2000.
 Короткометражка, возможно снятая на основе собственного опыта режиссёра, о сексуальных фантазиях подростка который не может определиться в своей ориентации...
A teenage boy finds all around him has sexual overtones as he lives a teenage life of drugs and masturbation.
A mesmerising depiction of adolescent sexual anxiety, Baby will resonate with anyone who remembers being a sex-crazed teen. In this early example of his bold taste in acting roles, Ben Whishaw plays a moody teen recalling a sexually-charged visit to a swimming pool. Muscled divers and naked encounters in the shower catch his eye…but is he attracted to the female bathers too?
Director: W.I.Z.
Cast: Ben Whishaw, Janet Mitchell, Clive Hayward, Alex Michael, Mark Moore, Tabitha Denholm, Roberto Spina, Luis M. Sánchez, Andre Gayle, Adam Hughes, Rollo Dunford Wood, Surinda Grewal, Paul Kirsop, Anton Saunders, Helen Oldfield.
UK, 2000.
Language: English
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Baby. 2000.
Baby. 2000.

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