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Thursday, May 2, 2024

Anthology of short films. Part 123. FULL-HD.

Anthology of short films. Part 123. FULL-HD.
Newest collection of short films number one hundred twenty tthree. There are 9 fresh mini-films from different countries filmed in recent years from 2015-2023. We are sure that you will like this collection.
Enjoy watching.
1. Los veranos de tu invierno. FULL-HD.
Sara, a teenager who has suffered from her mother's deep depression and her constant suicide attempts since she was a child, receives the opportunity to travel to the past and experience first-hand with her, the moments that marked her and made her what she is now.
Spain, 2023.
2. Sweetheart. FULL-HD.
Simona gets out of a DUI by accepting a ride home from the cop, who turns out to be a security guard on a power trip. The more she learns about Richard Bland, the more she struggles to determine his true intentions.
USA, 2019.
3. Aire. FULL-HD.
Alma is in love with her best girlfriend. In the midst of her sexual awakening, she experiences new sensations that bring pleasure as well as disappointment.
Mexico, 2015.
4. Créatures. FULL-HD.
Louise, age 15, cycles through the woods in October, and secretly observes a couple embraced in passion. This experience changes her and awakens a desire within her.
Belgium, 2016.
5. L'ora del buio. FULL-HD.
A little girl is being held by a very mysterious kidnapper. The only way to escape from his clutches is to ask for help.
Italy, 2017.
6. Ablam / My Sister. FULL-HD.
"My Sister" is like a recollection of instances and feelings from a sticky summer in Istanbul, in the 1980's. Elif feels she is losing her sister to adulthood. She is 10, her sister's 13. There seems to be an unseen barrier between them and Elif cannot grasp what is beyond it. She observes other women in the family and around, talks to her friend, is able to sense that there is a whole new world that awaits her, a big sea of unknown. Still relying on the comfort her mother provides, looking up to and being jealous of her older sister, she feels deeply insecure and confident at the same time. Her mixed emotions heighten as she's faced with a possibility of loss. Small details of the everyday, things that go unnoticed or rarely anyone dares or cares to talk about are where the gems of life lie for me. Being interested more in psychological states and the internal world, this is a sensual, subtle atmosphere film, trying to capture the depth of the moment and Elif's subjective reality shaped by her emotions. The 4:3 ratio, in line with its 1980's spirit, is meant to highlight the claustrophobia. The camera moves with Elif, trying to capture her psychological states, as she grows and changes a little by each step.
Turkey, 2018.
7. Like Flying. FULL-HD.
A little Chinese-American girl, surprised by an unexpected visitor, navigates her childhood through her parents' broken relationship.
USA, 2020.
8. Ana. FULL-HD.
Romania, 1993. On her mother’s birthday, 9-year old ANA takes on a very important mission: make her mother smile for the first time in a very long time. It is a big day for Ana’s Mama who has an important meeting for a potential job. It is also her birthday, but her uneasiness obscures any opportunity for a celebration. When Mama leaves for work, Ana decides to stay home and bake her a cake. She strikes a deal with the neighbor - some ingredients in exchange for ironing clothes.
Romania, USA, 2021.
9. Dagdrømme og mareridt. FULL-HD.
Fie is in love for the first time. August, whom she is in love with, invites her on a trip, but the trip happens to take place on a weekend that Fie promised to spend with her little sister Filippa, so she has to choose between the two.
Denmark, 2019.
Download Anthology of short films. Part 123.
Anthology of short films. Part 123. FULL-HD.
Anthology of short films. Part 123. FULL-HD.

Anthology of short films. Part 123. FULL-HD.
Anthology of short films. Part 123. FULL-HD.

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