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Sunday, April 2, 2023

Martha... Martha. 2001. HD.

Martha... Martha. 2001. HD.
FR. De marché en marché, de coin de pêche en partie de monopoly, Martha, Reymond et leur fille Lise vivent et s'aiment à contre-courant. Le bonheur semble à portée de main.
Mais les fantômes de l'enfance guettent, et Martha, traquée, entraîne son petit monde au fil d'une dérive sans fin.
EN. Martha is hardly an ideal mother to her six-year-old daughter Lise, and while her husband Reymond is loving and sympathetic, he isn't sure what to do for her. Reymond makes a meager income selling used clothing at a flea market, and Martha is hard put to support the family's budget on what he earns. Martha has a checkered past and a less than cordial relationship with her family, and when she decides to visit her parents, they coldly tell her they were hoping her sister Marie, currently living in Spain, had stopped by instead. Stung by the incident, Martha decides she wants to talk to her sister, and she drags Reymond and Lise along for a Spanish vacation they can ill afford. As it turns out, Marie and her husband Juan aren't much happier to see Martha than her parents were, and a night out at a restaurant turns into a bitter quarrel when Martha's neuroses get the better of her. After the incident, Martha goes missing for a few days, and upon her return Reymond learns that Martha allowed herself to be picked up by a pair of strange men- and was forcibly violated for her troubles.
Director: Sandrine Veysset.
Cast: Valérie Donzelli, Yann Goven, Lucie Régnier, Lydia Andrei, Séverine Vincent, Javier Cruz, Pierre Pezon, Catherine Ferran, Robert Beal.
France, 2001.
Languages: French, Spanish.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
Download Martha... Martha. 2001.
Martha... Martha. 2001. HD.
Martha... Martha. 2001. HD.


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