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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Pusling / Crybaby. 2008.

Pusling / Crybaby. 2008.
10-year-old Piv is introvert and having a hard time during school. The strong and suppressing Mia is controlling her class. Mia is bullying Piv. She is offensive and totally boundary breaking. Piv avoids the attacks and often takes the blame.One day, Mia has been particularly offensive towards Piv. The same evening Piv's parents have invited an old friend over for dinner. When they arrivehe has brought his daughter. To Piv's horror Mia is the daughter. The two girls don't reveal their true relation.The final showdown takes place after the dinner. At a forest lake Piv wantsto show Mia something in the water. But you have to walk all they way out to the end of a wooden log.
Director: Christina Rosendahl.
Cast: Ida Kortbek, Nanna Koppel, Anne Louise Hassing, Troels Lyby, Thomas W. Gabrielsson.
Denmark, 2008.
Language: Danish.
Download Pusling / Crybaby. 2008.
Pusling / Crybaby. 2008.
Pusling / Crybaby. 2008.


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