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Saturday, February 11, 2023

Anthology of short films. Part 110.

Anthology of short films. Part 110.
This time we present to your attention new collection of short films number one hundred and ten. Today we have collected six mini-films various countries, almost all short films are fresh and one old and very rare documentary.
Enjoy watching!
1. Les pinces à linge / The clothes pegs. 1998.
How do you go about existing when you're fifteen, you can't see anything, but you still take pictures and the one you're able to feel up secretly, but who still gets away, is named Marie-Luce.
Director: Joël Brisse.
France, 1998.
2. Martina's Playhouse. 1986 (1993).
Martina plays on her own and with her mother, Jennifer talks, stock footage of flowers is talked over.
The film switches back and forth between two Super 8 sound home movies: one of the young Martina (Martina Torr) and her mother (the performance artist Diane Torr) in their cramped New York apartment; the other of Jennifer Montgomery (an actress from another Aswesh film) clowning around in Ahwesh’s own apartment. In both cases Ahwesh is behind the camera. These two home movies are punctuated by beautifully fragile, seemingly decayed and scratched close-up footage of flowers and flashes of leader. Over this footage we hear recited texts from Bataille on the sexual meaning of flowers and Lacan on the constitution of desire in the field of the Other.
Director: Peggy Aswesh.
USA, 1996.
3. Pabili Po. 2022. FULL-HD.
Wanting to make his sister's birthday a bit special despite their lack of money, a young boy runs off with a piece of bread from a store. Soon after, he meets a bold street kid who offers to teach him...
Director: Gabriel Buenaflor.
Philippines, 2022.
1920x1080 FULL-HD
4. Les Vertueuses / Women of Virtue. 2022. HD.
Nine-year-old Orthodox Jewish Etel is having her period for the first time. Miriam, her mother, finally regards her as a woman. Etel is thrilled, until she finds out that in her religion women are unclean when they have their period.
Director: Stéphanie Halfon.
France, 2022.
1320x720 HD
5. J'aime Eva Marsh / I Love Eva Marsh. 2017. HD.
Summer 1996. A small town nestled in the shadow of a gigantic factory. Ben, a shy eleven year old boy, lives there alone with his mom when she leaves him to strike. The coming of the troubling Eva in his bunch disturbs him a little bit more, especially when she mentions the legend of a mysterious creature hidden under a nearby lake’s pontoon. As a game, Eva challenges Ben: walk trough the "pontoon of the death" , and come back. But Ben fails miserably. At night, the Creature appears to him.
Director: Rémy Rondeau.
France, 2017.
1280х720 HD
6. Små skred / Small Avalanches. 2003. HD.
Linda is 12 and she is bored until she meets an older man.
Director: Birgitte Stærmose.
Denmark, 2003.
1280х720 HD
Download Anthology of short films. Part 110.
Anthology of short films. Part 110.
Anthology of short films. Part 110.

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Anthology of short films. Part 110.
Anthology of short films. Part 110.


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