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Thursday, December 22, 2022

Silvestre. 1981. HD.

Silvestre. 1981. HD.
While a nobleman is away to visit and invite the king to his daughter's upcoming wedding, a strange pilgrim knocks on his door for shelter. Said visit ends in a violent confrontation and the pilgrim takes on different identities to seek revenge. Meanwhile the nobleman goes missing and his daughter has to pose as a young knight to save him. Set in medieval times, the movie makes use of theatrical sets, lyrical language and a languid rhythm to give it a unique feeling of a folk tale being transmitted from long ago. The cast is led by the 15-year-old Maria de Medeiros and João César Monteiro's frequent collaborator Luís Miguel Cintra.
Maria de Medeiros's debut. Memorable is her happy face, bathing in a lake. Naked, jovial, innocent. She was 15 years old. At the time Monteiro chose her, she didn't even think about acting.
Director: João César Monteiro.
Cast: Maria de Medeiros, Teresa Madruga, Luís Miguel Cintra, Jorge Silva Melo, João Guedes, Xosé Maria Straviz, Ruy Furtado, Raquel Maria, Cucha Carvalheiro, Rogério Vieira, Afonso Vasconcelos, João César Monteiro.
Portugal, 1981.
Language: Portuguese.
960x720 HD
Download Silvestre. 1981.

Silvestre. 1981. HD.
Silvestre. 1981. HD.


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