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Friday, September 9, 2022

Extrait de naissance. 1989.

Extrait de naissance. 1989.
FR. Une demeure, on ne sait si elle est encore habitée, si l'on assiste à un départ ou à un retour. Une voix d'homme raconte, nomme les objets, les lieux. Souvenirs d'enfance improbables. Un garçon, seul, attend dans le hall.
EN. An apartment, who knows whether it is still inhabited or not, whether the potential inhabitants will ever arrive or are already dead. A man’s voice speaks and names the objects and places. Memories appear. An orphan is waiting alone in the hall among luggage. His infancy emanates from the objects and the perspectives subjectively visualized by the authors. Fragments of stories. Condensed emotions. People are suddenly frightening. Video technology draws a map of passages from the real to the imaginary, from truth to the narration of the present, the probability of cathode imagery.
Directors: Jean-Louis Le Tacon, Alain Jomier.
Cast: Laurence Clapier, Marc Fêge, Pierre Mac Enzie Gallon, Julia Petrucci, Olivia Petrucci, Dominique Rouzié, Hervé Sornique.
France, 1989.
Language: French.
Download Extrait de naissance. 1989.
Extrait de naissance. 1989.
Extrait de naissance. 1989.


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