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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Alicia. 1994.

Alicia. 1994.
After her first menstruation, Alicia is kidnapped and led by fly-men to a dirty and unhealthy underworld ruled by a disgusting being.
"Alicia" was Jaume Balagueró's first short film. He later went on to direct masterpieces like "Darkness" (with an all-star international cast, including Academy Award winner Anna Paquin) or "Los sin nombre" (which won 15 international awards and starred Emma Vilarasau). Some critics already compare him to Andrei Tarkovsky.
This film, shot in black and white, is pretty much all about atmosphere. It has all it needs to be scary; it's dark, moody, pensive, aggressive and beautiful in a very obscure kind of way. Unfortunately, "Alicia" lacks a real plot, or a message. The surreal images, beautifully filmed and edited, are intriguing and are unforgettable, but it requires a lot of energy and time to perceive a real plot behind them.
A fantastic movie, only nine minutes long, enjoyable for everyone with a sense for dark and scary movies.
Director: Jaume Balagueró.
Cast: Danae, Ana Luna, Elena Luna, Pedro Antonio Segura, Daniel Montblanc.
Spain, 1994.
Language: Spanish, English.
Download Alicia. 1994.
Alicia. 1994.
Alicia. 1994.

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