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Friday, November 17, 2023

The Finishing Line. 1977. HD.

The Finishing Line. 1977. HD.
 The Finishing Line is a short film produced in 1977 by British Transport Films, warning about the dangers children face on railway lines. Although it is not strictly a public information film, it is often considered to be so by fans of the genre. It was broadcast in its entirety several times on television, but was so controversial that it was replaced less than two years later by the slightly less graphic Robbie. It won at least two creative awards: Certificate of Appreciation (Top Category) and Oberhausen Mention at the Festival of Youth Paris. The film was also shown in several schools by invitation. The film was directed by John Krish, written by Krish and Michael Gilmour, and produced by James Ritchie. It was filmed in the vicinity of the then-closed Watton-at-Stone railway station, Hertfordshire.
The voice-over of a headmaster tells the children he knows that some have been playing on the railway. A young boy is sitting on a railway bridge wall. As the boy ponders on his thoughts, he pictures a school Sports Day-style event being held on the railway line. The rest of the film shows his imagined idea of what would happen, with children being split into four competitive teams to take part in different activities often carried out by young people trespassing on the railway.
Director: John Krish.
Cast: Antony Carrick, Kevin Flood, Don Henderson, Peter Hill, David Howe, Sharon Clark, Gary Collins, Peter Hill.
UK, 1977.
Language: English.
960x720 HD
Download The Finishing Line. 1977.
The Finishing Line. 1977. HD.
The Finishing Line. 1977. HD.


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