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Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Loon Lake. 2012. HD.

Loon Lake. 2012. HD.
 Madeleine and Rosy, age 15, both have issues with boys and sex, which they want to resolve this summer. They are vacationing at a cabin on Loon Lake in Maine. When they meet two local guys at the general store they naively accept an invitation to a secret rendez-vous at a secluded pond on a mountaintop for skinny dipping. After the meeting goes wrong, the girls get lost in the woods and as night falls a happy outing turns into a nightmare. The girls struggle to find their way, in a metaphoric journey towards maturity....
Director: Mary Sellers.
Cast: Dimitri Kouri, Diego Laurenti Sellers, Rosabell Laurenti Sellers, Lucia Luna, Saphia Stoney.
Italy, USA, 2012.
Language: English.
1280x720 HD
Download Loon Lake. 2012.
Loon Lake. 2012. HD.
Loon Lake. 2012. HD.


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