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Sunday, October 22, 2023

Baklava. 2007. HD.

Baklava. 2007. HD.
 A country - in the heart of the Peninsula. Two brothers, separated by the timelessness of the Transition. A collage of an end neighborhood with a slew of funny characters, child's fantasies and dark dreams - a quest through the intimate secrets of Bulgaria. Djore is 26, dresses in black, listens to drum & bass and does graffiti. Kotze is 9, wears a silver chain, steals, fights and loves pop-folk. In spite of their differences, the brothers hit the road in search of a buried treasure, willed to them by their grandmother. On the way they will encounter unbelievable adventures, unexpected characters and undiscovered truths...
The film was banned in Bulgaria and director convicted in absentia.
Director: Alexo Petrov.
Cast: Nikolay Yanchev, Hristo Herun, Tzanko Petrov, Rumen Grigorov, Yuri Angelov, Toshko Gardelev, Asen Lozanov, Maria Kafelova, Stefan Kiriazov, Kosta Avramov, Evgenia Kolarova, Victor Petrov, Pavel Doichev, Georgi Kostadinov, Kina Arnaoudova.
Canada, Bulgaria, 2007.
Language: Bulgarian.
Subtitles: English.
1280x720 HD
Download Baklava. 2007.
Baklava. 2007. HD.

Baklava. 2007. HD.

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