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Thursday, July 18, 2013

В твое отсутствие / En tu ausencia.

В твое отсутствие / En tu ausencia.
 История про 13-летнего Пабло, тихого и скромного сироту, вечно озабоченного проблемами периода полового созревания и с неясным прошлым. Его подружка Юлия, на пару лет старше, весьма развязного поведения, даёт пацану несколько уроков о жизни, любви и сексе. Как то раз на просёлочной дороге Пабло встречает некоего прилично одетого гражданина у которого сломалась машина и история становится ещё более странной и двусмысленной...
13-year-old Pablo is a quiet, lonely boy with a troubled past. His only friend is Julia, a shameless 15-year-old girl who is more than willing to help Pablo with his transition from childhood to adolescence, and give him some advice on sex, love and life in general. On a quiet country road just outside of the village, Pablo meets Paco, an oddly calm, well dressed stranger whose car just broke down. Nevertheless, he seems more interested in the boy than fixing his problem. At first Pablo maintains a cautious distance from the stranger, vaguely heeding his fellow villagers' advice to keep his distance. However, the boy's subconscious quest to find understanding of his dark past and guilt makes him lose all of his protective layers. He sees a new friend in Paco; someone he can open up to and feel valued by almost like a replacement father. As Pablo's affection grows for the man, he is unknowingly and blindly being lead toward a tragedy that will scar him for life.
Режиссер: Иван Ноэль / Ivan Noel.

В ролях: Francisco Alfonsin, Pedro Salido Saborido, Gonzalo Sánchez Salas, Anabel Azuar, Ana Tutor, Antonio J. Atienza Sánchez, Acensio Salas Suárez, Хуанхо Гальярдо, Луис Варгас Гомез, Jesús Gllardo Soto.
Канада, Испания, 2008.
Перевод: Любительский, одноголосый.
Download В твое отсутствие / En tu ausencia.
В твое отсутствие / En tu ausencia.
В твое отсутствие / En tu ausencia.

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